15 Workout Songs We’re Celebrating Our Birthday With

Next week, we’re turning 10. Ten! A whole decade of Fit Bottomedness up in here. And because this is, ahem, a big deal (with — teaser — a pretty big announcement!), we are getting this party started off right … and early.


And we’re doing it the best way we know how: with the ultimate 15-song, celebration-themed workout playlist.


With a lot of old party faves (plus two Queen songs), it’ll basically turn your next workout into a serious fiesta.


So, come, join us! Get the celebration workout playlist here or below.

And be sure to come back next week for the FULL special week of birthday content. We’re talking giveaways, special workouts, the Fitties, ALL THE FUN THINGS! You don’t want to miss it — and you can catch all of the special posts here.


And no, I didn’t really intend to only use Harry Potter GIFs for this post. It just happened. Hehe. —Jenn

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