12 Signs That “Healthy” Is Becoming a Dangerous Obsession

We’ve recently recorded some POWERFUL podcast eps with women who have recovered from eating disorders. And, man, their stories are intense. And maybe the scariest part is that eating disorders, orthorexia, compulsive exercise and body dysmorphia are all on the rise … everywhere. It’s dangerous — seriously life threatening.

In the upcoming pod eps you’ll get some good tips and thought-provoking discussion on this, but because they’re not live just yet (just a few weeks away!) we wanted to share this powerful infographic from EDCare that shares 12 signs that someone might be crossing from healthy behavior to a dangerous obsession. We also love the tips at the bottom for trainers and coaches — we know we have a lot of readers who work in the industry and we love how you’re helping others!

And, guys, did you know that NEDA also has a free hotline you can call or text? Get more info here. —Jenn

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