10 Minutes of Hills: The OTF-Inspired Workout That Made Me a Stronger Runner

For a full year now, I’ve been going to a few Orangetheory Fitness classes a week. I do that, plus a few hard-core workouts at my usual gym, The Fit Pit, plus a quick run around the neighborhood or some yoga at home as needed, and I feel like my it’s been really great for overall fitness. I’m doing a lot of different things, but in a way that I really enjoy and that allows me to ebb and flow with my work and childcare schedule — which is, like, always changing.

(You know how that goes, right? Of course you do.)


But! This post is not about my workout schedule changes. It’s about how my running has changed. For the better. For the faster.


And it’s all because Orangetheory Fitness put me on a treadmill and had me run hills and sprints — in a way that I would not have probably had the desire or motivation to do on my own, honestly. And the results have been awesome. SO much so that I want to share an OTF-inspired treadie workout with you guys today. Because if I had known that in just a few months — by doing some fairly short treadmill intervals — that I could shave nearly a minute off of my usual easy-but-not-too-easy one-mile pace, I would have been like:


So, don’t be like me. Do this treadmill workout and become a faster runner, NOW!

10 Minutes of Hills

Warm-up. Warm up by walking or slowly jogging for five minutes. Then …

The Interval: 1-Minute Run + 30-Second Recovery. Run at your tempo/push pace (you shouldn’t be able to say more than a few words, and it should feel hard but not impossible) at a 1% incline for one minute. Recover with a walk at 3 mph for 30 seconds.

Repeat: 7 Rounds (or More If You’re Feeling Sassy). Go through the 1-minute run + 30-second recovery interval seven times, increasing your incline on the run by 1% each round you go (recovery stays on a flat road at 3 mph). Try to stay at the same tempo/push pace throughout the full workout if you can (but no shame in slowing down if it’s too much!). Get through 7 rounds for about a 10-minute workout, or — if you’ve got more time/energy — keep going up (literally) for as long as you can!

Want another amazing treadmill workout? Try this one! —Jenn

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